Daily Dose of Happiness

Fresh air is therapy to the mind. On the weekend (although it may seem tempting) don’t coop yourself up in the house all day- it’s not good for your mental health. I personally think it’s quite relaxing to stay in and watch movies, but one day, I went for a three mile walk and came back totally refreshed- it really works! Try replacing the hours you spend watching movies or playing video games, with hours of fresh air. Whether it’s raking leaves, going for walks, or riding your bike! After you finish any of these exercises, treat yourself to a nice cup of cocoa. If your not into the whole “Active” part, grab your favorite book and cuddle up on the grass and read. If you like to write, grab a notepad and write. You’ll notice your creative energies swirling new ideas into your brain.

Settle or move into a warm, comfortable position.

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