Daily Dose of Happiness

Thoughts are a distant reality in your mind. Your mind twists things to make them seem so real, even when it’s not. Your thoughts may be happy thoughts (You’re very lucky to have those) or, you may have the not so happy ones. Thoughts and dreams are STILL mysteries to scientists. Everybody’s mind works in such an individualized manner- it would be hard to study just four people and come up with a conclusion. Thoughts can be a product of denial, fear, happiness, or creativity- IT’S NOT ALL BAD! Some people have a very vivd imagination where as others do not. They way somebody reacts to a terrorist attach is very different than the way another person reacts. Some people [Including myself] dwell on things. Others forgive and forget. Just remember to use your mind wisely-  it is the roadmap to the road trip of life.

plural noun: thoughts
An idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind.

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