Daily Dose of Happiness

Happy new year! Make this year different from the rest. Don’t set goals or resolutions for yourself that everybody makes every single year, such as: lose weight, eat healthier, get good grades, etc. Although some of these resolutions may apply to you, try shifting your focus to something bigger, something more meaningful, something that could change your life forever. One goal that you could try to accomplish this year might be maintain a schedule- daily, that helps your mind relax. A schedule that would make your life a more peaceful and happy place. Another reputable goal might be to do something that could positively impact the world, make the world know who you are by doing something good- you could start a charity that helps the less-fortunate. There are so many other NOT cliche goals out there that would hold more meaning to you as a unique individual.

new year
A holiday that celebrates the idea of all the good things that will happen in another year.

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