Daily Dose of Happiness

Okay, it’s hard question time… If you won the lottery; 1.5 billion dollars, what would you do with it? If you ask most people, you’d hear: I’m going to buy  a nice car, I’m going to save, I’m going to share with my family, etc. If I won 1.5 billion dollars, I honestly would have NO IDEA whatsoever, what to do with it. But, I would do one thing for sure- I would donate A LOT of money to less fortunate families to help with education, or anything. 1.5 billion dollars. The US is almost 19 trillion dollars in debt. It’s a lot of money! Think about it, over 317 million tickets were sold for the 1/13 drawing. I was talking to a friend of mine about the lottery. She said there’s too many people, she’d never win. I told her that almost  EVERY single one of those people are thinking the exact same thing as you. Good luck to you all!

-Comment what you would do if you won the lottery-

A means of raising money by selling numbered tickets and giving prizes to the holders of numbers drawn at random.

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