Daily Dose of Happiness

Hi guys! Today I had an assignment; a symbolism project. My class is reading to To Kill a Mockingbird and have gotten to a part where the main character states “It’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.” Our assignment was to comeup with a metaphorical phrase that starts with “It’s a sin to…” it also has to relate to life as teens. Here’s mine:

It’s a Sin to be a Flower. It’s a Sin to be a Bee.

In society, a person who is considered ugly, should be ashamed. A person who is considered beautiful, should also be ashamed. No matter who you are, society won’t accept you. Nobody’s perfect, no matter how hard you strive to be. Society has a way of planting weeds in the minds of teens. Those weeds then grow and block all positive thoughts that they had about themselves from getting the light they need. Once the weeds take over, the victim turns into an envious thorn bush looking for things that they need to change about themselves while wishing for others to be like them. Flowers can’t live without bees. Bees can’t live without flowers. Not one is better, or more important than the other- they are equals.

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