Daily Dose of Happiness

Well, this afternoon was about as tense as a tightly stretched rubber band. I have said (something like this) in one of my really, really, old posts: texts were hurled at each other like grenades. One of my friends said something jokingly, then the bully replied “Geez (insert name here) calm the f*** down.” When clearly, the victim was kidding. After I had witnessed an “online beat-down,” I decided to check up on the victim to see how she was handling things. She asked if I could add her back to the group-chat, but, I misunderstood and thought she said something along the lines of “can you help me in the group chat” so I devised a plan to stand up for her, and asked for her help. When I texted her the plan, she said “no, I mean add me back in! Thank you though!” I actually felt pretty proud of myself in that moment. Although I didn’t end up saying anything to the bully, I privately stood up for her, and she appreciated it.

stand up for
phrasal verb
speak or act in support of

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