Daily Dose of Happiness

School is starting. Soon. For me, in 6 days. Summer flew by! One second, I was scared I was going to waste my summer. The next, I’m getting school supplies and prepping my backpack for school. I must say, I absolutely did NOT waste my summer. The first few weeks, I took advantage of sleeping in and watching Netflix all day (and all night)! The next few weeks my family hosted a French exchange student. During those few weeks I was prepping to go to my three-week long writing camp (www.interlochen.org). After that, I was at camp. Those were the best three weeks of my life. I met so many great friends and found out I could write poetry! The day after I got back, all eighteen of my family members (Aunts and uncles, cousins, siblings, parents, and grandparents) boarded a plane to Cancun, Mexico. It was fun, but I was extremely homesick (the beach did sorta make up for it, though). After the vacation, we were home for a few weeks when we had to go to Michigan for a family emergency. We rushed back home just in time to make it to my brother’s and I’s school orientations (fortunately). Now, look back at your summer, make revisions, and start planning your next!

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