Daily Dose of Happiness


~This is what was going through freshman Serena’s mind on the first day of school~

But hey, at least I only got lost once. Okay, maybe twice. That’s one of the worst feelings ever. Being tardy on the first day of school, then having to walk into a room full of strangers staring at you, and of course, the door is extra squeaky that day. NO! I’m horribly wrong. The worst part was lunch. Fortunately, my brother’s a junior in high school and luckily, we both have the same lunch period. For the first two days, I sat by him. Eventually I realized that I couldn’t sit with him for the rest of the year, so I went on a journey. I had to find some new friends. I finally found a table that looked like it could be accepting new members. The next day, I shakily asked “Hey, can I sit here?” She said yes, I thought she was reluctant, but I later figured out that she actually wanted me to sit there! Funny how that works; different perspectives really change a situation. Now, I’ve been in high school for one month. It has definitely gotten easier. I have just one complaint-there’s so. Much. Homework.

high school
A school that typically comprises grades 9 through 12, attended after primary school or middle school.

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