Daily Dose of Happiness

Holy guacamole. Today was hard. School is hard. Life is hard. Yes. Life is hard. It freaking sucks (for many reasons besides this). Sure, there are good things too, but that’s NOT the mood I’m in. Today I got a D on an essay. You might be thinking, “Oh, come on. It could be worse!” Yeah. No. There is so much darn pressure on getting good grades (thanks, society). My knees are buckling under the weight of stress resting, no, STOMPING on my shoulders. My whole life is like the earth, but instead of revolving around the sun, it revolves around “GRADES,” and “HOMEWORK.” No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to maintain a balance between school and life. But, unfortunately, I have found that the reason the two can’t be balanced, it’s because they’re the same darn thing. Life is school, and school is life. It’s not supposed to be that way, but it is. I wake up and go to school at 7 o’clock every morning and get home around 3:30 in the afternoon after school ends. School doesn’t end there, though. School lasts all the way up until I shut my eyes at night and then open them up again in the morning. Then guess what? YAY! It’s finally FRIDAY!!!! But no. Not even my weekends are free from the ridiculous grasp of school.

Exhaust with too much work.

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