Daily (not daily at all, but it has a nice ring to it) Dose of Happiness

I haven’t been this happy in a long time. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. But for about fourteen weeks it has been an uphill climb;, I’ve finally been getting it, I finally understand.

I now understand that having a good group of friends makes a big difference in everyday life in AND outside of school. I’m so grateful that I pushed myself to become more social.

I now understand that nobody is judging my every move, I know that I can be my home-self at school- no matter how different those two sides of me are.

I now understand that even if it seems like there are giant walls between different groups of people at school; there are doors to enter and windows to climb through.

I now understand that there is more to life than a screen. I have become more social WITHOUT social media. The extent of my social life before January 21st, 2018, was sending random pictures of the floor to people I never even talked to, face-to-face.

I now understand that I AM good enough; everybody is good enough. There are no criteria stating one is bad, good, great, etc. What is enough? Enough is enough. Everybody is who they are and nobody should judge them for that.

I now understand that there is still so much more to understand. Four weeks ago I didn’t even realize that most of these statements above were possible.

I can’t wait to understand more and blossom into an even happier person.

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